arizona glass art
  The beginning of something wonderful!!

        Elliott was first introduced to glass blowing in the spring of 1999 in a small studio in the western region of the U.S. What was initially a small fascination blossomed into a broad interest. Requests from friends and immediate commissions turned into a career and now his work can be seen in several of the finest galleries. Elliott is conservative and quiet among strangers, and like a true craftsman scoffs at any notion that what he produces is art! His sharpness falls to the wayside when he has a chance to demonstrate what he enjoys doing. His work is light hearted and happy and has been quoted as, "filling a room with smiles!" His work reflects a balance and harmony which is the true definition of his personality. Another long standing talent, (since 1980) also a full time career in addition to his love of glass art, is custom jewelry. He creates art through his ability to work with all precious metals; his designs go from one end of the spectrum to the other and offer everything from contemporary flair to traditional.
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